UK Bachelor Degree

A bachelor's degree is a diploma awarded at the successful completion of an undergraduate academic program. Students usually need about three to six years of study to complete it, though this can vary depending on the country you study in and the university attended. The qualification is designed to give you a thorough understanding of a subject. It helps you develop your analytical, intellectual and essay/dissertation writing skills. You'll also have much more of a say about the direction that your learning takes than you've had previously. One of the most common types of academic degree, a bachelor's degree is often the first degrees a student receives in his or her academic career. Job listings will include a bachelor's as a requirement for the position, although the exact field of study isn't always important. Advanced study may be needed for other academic or technical professions.

Bachelor Degree in UK:

This stage lasts for three or four years and leads to the award of a Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Science or other fields (Technology, Law, Engineering, etc.). The Bachelor's Degree is conferred as a Pass Degree or an Honors' Degree where studies are more specialized. The Bachelor's Honors' Degree is classified as a First Class Honors, a Second Class Honors or a Third Class Honors. In some universities students must follow a foundation course before embarking on the course leading to the Bachelor's Degree.

General Entry Requirements:

• Secondary school certificate
• Recommendation letter
• Official school Transcript
• Copy of passport
• Meet the English language requirements


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