Professional Development

BESA provides learning solutions to organizations and companies in the private and public sector, especially those who recognise that some rmployees require an improved knowledge of English, soft skills, or even vocational in order to perform to their full potential.

Whether you need a one-day onsite training course, full-service consulting, or if you are not really sure which solution will work, we can help.

We only work with seasoned profesiionals. 

Our consultants, speakers, and facilitators have decades of experience in a variety of different fields like: business, healthcare, hospitality, retail, professional services, and customer services, which can be delivered face-to-face at very reasonable and competitive prices.

Furthermore, we have partnerships with leading online education organizations, which can provide English and soft skills courses and diverse online training programs for employees.


MBA Program:

Today, an MBA program is considered one of the strongest assets in your career growth process. Some companies and jobs require the candidate to pursue a higher post-graduate degree, such as an MBA, for an MBA program helps qualify the professional with the needed business, research and technical skills needed to undertake a specific task. In our modern competitive world, pursuing a competitive edge in your career can help you stand-out competition. This is why at BESA; we are determined to offer you a variety of MBA options that suit your lifestyle, budget and preferences. We do understand our various clients’ needs and the challenges of today work-place; this is why at BESA we can offer you the option of studying for your MBA while in Egypt. Classes can be offered part-time, full-time and online depending on your lifestyle and need. You can actually get a degree accredited from a British university without having to travel abroad, so you can focus on your career and work part-time while studying.

Masters of Education:

A Masters of Education degree is often offered to individuals who wish to undertake a career in education. This allows them to study for the following specializations: curriculum and instruction, counseling, school psychology, and administration. The Masters of Education equip you different skills needed for teaching, counselling and developing the educational curriculum at a school. You can now study for your Masters of Education in Egypt with native professional professors in their field, without having to travel abroad. Get a British recognized degree in Education while studying in Egypt.