The British Trophy

The British Trophy is a football tournament that is organized by BESA between international schools in Egypt since 2014. The tournament is run over 4 days between schools, where a team from each school; whether IGCSE, American Diploma, International Baccalaureate, Canadian International Schools competes against those of other schools and the winning prize involves spending one week in the UK. Each school team consists from 7-9 players and accompanied by a school supervisor, usually the PE teacher. Registration is done through schools, as BESA cannot accept direct applications from individual students who are not accompanied by their school team and PE supervisor.

The tournament is usually conducted in February and registration is open a few months before it, where schools are required to send the interested students’ details. A registration fee is required for each student. Players have to also wear their school uniform throughout the competition. Transportation is also provided by the schools for the students to attend the tournament. Each school teams plays a number of matches to qualify for the next stages.

The British Trophy 2019 will be arranged from 26th February - 1st March 2019. It will be sponsored by; The Knowledge Hub, and in partnership with Teesside University, Middlesbrough F.C, and University of Roehampton London, which means that the winning team will get the opportunity to visit Middlesbrough City, including Teesside University and Riverside Stadium; home to the Middlesbrough F.C, Newcastle, and London.

The trophy is aimed at encouraging the incubation of physical education into the high school system in Egypt and to also gives senior students aged 15-18 years the opportunity to tour universities in the UK and their campuses.

To know more about the British Trophy, guidelines and registration, contact our office for more details.