Sports Tournament

The British Trophy Football Tournament is organized by BESA annually between international schools to play against each other in enthusiasm to reach the finale and win the BRITISH TROPHY.
For the first time in Egypt and the Middle East, The British Trophy was organized in partnership with the University of Sunderland and the Sunderland AFC team. Consequently, the final team wins a one week trip to the UK including a visit to the University of Sunderland, the Stadium of Light, and watch one of the Sunderland AFC Football games in the Premier League.
Owning to Egyptians strong passion towards Football, our CEO, Mohamed Abd el Tawab quoted “We aim to promote physical education through organizing sports tournaments and encourage students to look forward to their academic future ahead by giving them a chance to explore their options around the world.”
The British Trophy is hosted by the Platinum Club in New Cairo, therefore, we had three thriving fields, a venue to serve food and a DJ to play his beats to get the players excited and energized.
The handing prizes ceremony takes place 2 weeks after the British Trophy. This event is organized in recognition and appreciation for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning teams. The prizes and certificates are handed by the sponsor representatives coming from the UK alongside famous Egyptian players.
In the previous British Trophy, that took place in March 2017, it was Saint Fatima School that won first place. All students were very pleased, enjoyed the event and praised BESA for their organization and determination. The handing prizes Ceremony was attended by a good number of people. The prizes were handed by the University of Sunderland – Ian Moody and the CEO of BESA - Mr. Mohamed Abd el Tawab.