Study in Germany

Germany is an inspiring country and is often considered as the perfect educational and industrial model. Nearly one-tenth of the world's international students travel to study in Germany. In addition, bachelor-master system offers degrees which are internationally compatible. Germany offers a wide range of educational opportunities which costs are very reasonable and less expensive than expected, as the German Government supports the educational cycle. Germany’s high quality of education is also combined with high academic standards that position Germany as a prime destination for study and research. With no doubt, German universities are well-equipped with both well-qualified staff and research facilities.

International students wishing to study in Germany should possess a specific command of the language that qualifies them to study and carry-out research in German. Studying in English is also possible, however it is often offered at private universities which cost significantly more than public universities.

Work while studying:

All overseas students have the possibility of working during their university studies in Germany.

International students on a student visa may work for 90 whole days or 180 half-days per year, even during their language preparation course before university studies. This is equivalent to approximately 20 hours per week.

After successful completion of a full-time university studies in Germany, an overseas student is entitled to remain in Germany for one year after graduation; in order to look for regular employment in a German company.

Furthermore, after three years it would be possible to apply for a long-term residence permit if the employer specifically advocates the same and the employee is still in agreement.


  • Free tuition fees
  • Students only have to pay 500 -800 Euros only for enrollment
  • Offers the best quality educational degrees
  • Huge job opportunities upon graduation
  • Part time jobs during studies
  • Strengthen your German language skills
  • Make new friends from different nationalities
  • Get exposed to a new vibrant culture
  • Opportunities to reside in a first world country

BESA offers you a wide variety of programs & services in Germany, including: Foundation Programs, Bachelor and Masters Degrees, as well as Language Courses.