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Foundation Programs in Russia

Foundation Programs are available for Russia for students who will be studying their course in Russian at all majors. Students who will be studying in English are also advised to undertake a foundation, so that they improve their Russian Language skills needed for their final practical year at a Bachelor Degree.

Foundation programs are available for students who wish to study for their course in Russian. Due to the nature and complexity of the Russian Language structure, Foundation courses will equip you with understanding the Russian Language skills required for your course.

Even students who will be studying their course in English are advised to undertake a foundation year in Russia, as it will helps them adapt faster to the language, environment and culture of the country.

Moreover for Sciences major like Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, the last year of their studies is usually practical-based where it involves training at a hospital, factory, etc. depending on their major. Since Russia is a non-native English speaking country and the majority of the nationals do not often speak English, it would be necessary for international students to learn Russian in order to overcome the language barrier that would exist in their final/practical year in their interactions with patients, doctors, nurses, factories’ engineers, workers during their practice.

The foundation program would include both language and academic courses related to your major that would account towards your studies. The duration of a foundation program in Russia is one year.


Foundation programs are available in Russia through BESA at almost all universities that offer the course study in Russian. The cost of a foundation program is inclusive of your course tuition fees, accommodation, internal flight ticket (if the university is located outside Moscow), medical and health insurance.


BESA offers you a variety of foundation courses offered at various Russian Universities in Moscow, Belgorod, Tambov, St. Petersburg and many more.

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