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Postgraduate Degrees in Russia

Not only Russia caters courses and degrees for undergraduates, but it also offers a variety of course options for postgraduates as well ranging from Master’s degrees, MBA programs and PhD.

Not only Russia caters courses and degrees for undergraduates, but it also offers a variety of course options for postgraduates as well ranging from Master’s degrees, MBA programs and PhD.

Master’s Degrees in Russia: are offered in a variety of majors and disciplines. The course length of a Master’s degree in Russia usually varies from 1-2 years, depending on the mode of study as well as the course of study. Students who wish to study full-time can complete their master’s in 1 year, whereas those who wish to study part-time and work while studying can finish their program in 2 years.

Master’s degrees in Russia can be taught in Russian or English. Same as for Bachelor, Students who wish to commence their studies in Russian will have to undertake a foundation or a language preparation course before they start their Master’s in order to be familiar with the language and academic terms. The Master’s program is followed-by a dissertation or research-based that accounts to obtaining the degree, therefore due to the nature of the program and the fact that academic research may be needed, it is advised that students start a preparatory language course/foundation that would give them the needed language skills and would make them comfortable conducting research in Russian. Even for students studying their course in English, a good command of Russian language may be needed for the research-undertaken in their dissertation and research degree.


Masters of Business Administration (MBA): Russia is one of the booming economies, it is in fact one of the strongest economies all over the world and is recognized as a developed country. Therefore, studying an MBA in Russia makes perfect sense, as you will be studying along Russian businessmen and entrepreneurs who have been around in the field for long or might be new, but looking forward for new learnings and experiences. Classroom interactions are one of the highly-valued aspects of studying for an MBA in Russia. You will definitely be learning and sharing experiences between your classroom peers, professors and everyone you meet during your studies. This will help shape your personality in a positive strong way. An MBA’s course length is same as for other Master’s programs, it can be offered over 1 or 2 years. The course as well can be taught in either Russian or English.


PhD: Postgraduates High Doctorate Research in Russia is very sought, especially for Sciences majors like Engineering, PhD, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine. The fact that the majority of schools in Russia are public-funded makes it attractive for PhD candidates to pursue their degree in Russia. The government is already spending millions on investing and improving the research facilities at public universities, as part of improving the educational system. On the other hand, the university board and professors will be supportive of your research and try to accommodate your needs as much as possible, which is quite an important aspect when considering a PhD as you will already be spending some time with your professor on your research.

Students who wish to study for their Postgraduate Degree in Russia must fulfil the following required documents and present it to his/her university. Some of these documents would have to-be-presented before the student travels to start his course, and others must be presented upon arrival:

  • University Graduation Certificate and Transcripts: Both Original documents must be legalized and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Russian Federation in the country where the student’s educational documents were issued.
  • General Health Certificate: Students enrolled to medical programs should provide the university with certificate of more detailed information.
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Certificate on HIV/AIDS negative status
  • Certificate of Fluorography (X-Ray)
  • 12 photos, size (3*4 cm), black and white, non-glossy
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