Study in UK

Education plays an important role in the UK. The UK was, still and will be one of the most vital places for international students. It is really a top destination with an ever increasing number of students joining institutions of academic excellence that offer unequalled degrees and qualifications. Besides, UK comes in the second place to the US in being a study destination for international students. Moreover, London is considered as a major financial center of Europe and the world.


On the other hand, studying in Northern parts of the UK is always beneficial in many ways. For example, the Scottish system of education is quite distinct from other education systems in the UK. Higher education courses in Scotland are usually one year longer than in other parts of the country. The UK in fact has rich opportunities for international students with all kinds of interest.



  • The UK institutions rank among the best in the world
  • High quality education system
  • Three year bachelor years
  • One year Master’s degree
  • Opens huge opportunities to the largest global companies
  • Part time jobs during studies
  • Strengthen your language skills
  • Meet new people from different nationalities
  • Get exposed to a new vibrant culture
  • Take one year of work placement to increase your employability skills
  • Obtain two years of a post-study work visa after completing your studies to search for a job

BESA offers you the following courses in the UK: Foundation, Pre-sessional English, Bachelor, Master, PhD, and Vocational.

Foundation Programs

The Foundation Year is designed for students whose qualifications don’t meet the direct entry requirements for the chosen course or the chosen university. But that’s alright, there is always a solution...

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Bachelor Degree

A bachelor's degree is a diploma awarded at the successful completion of an undergraduate academic program. Students usually need about three to six years of study to complete it, though this can vary depending on the country you study in and the university attended.

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Postgraduate Degrees

It is more common now for people to do postgraduate degrees nowadays. In specific, the demand for pursuing a postgraduate degree abroad is higher and more desired than ever. There is a list of postgraduate degrees that we offer in various countries, which includes: pre-masters, Master’s degree including MBA, and PhD.

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Language Courses

Is there a better place to learn a Language than in the country where it's actually spoken?

BESA works with partners that offer a wide choice of language courses to meet your personal needs

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Boarding Schools

We also offer a wide range of options for students interested in joining boarding Schools. Countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada and many more welcome international students to join and experience a new culture with a new educational system that will most certainly develop their personal growth at a young age.

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Summer Schools

It's holiday time! Perhaps the best time for learning or improving your kids' language in a relaxed environment - is to get them into a summer school!
Designed for students aged 7 to 17, these courses teach quality language skills through classroom, excursions, visits, sports, and games in addition to carefully designed social programs that are EDU-FUN.

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Professional Development

BESA provides learning solutions to organizations and companies in the private and public sector, especially those who recognise that some rmployees require an improved knowledge of English, soft skills, or even vocational in order to perform to their full potential.

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School Development

BESA aims to enhance the education in Egypt through providing the service of "School Development". If there is a school that is still opening up and is planning to expand into the market, we will provide a number of tactics to develop the school and give it the right accreditation.

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Accommodation Placement & Visa Assistance

In case you are wondering where you are going to stay, we offer the service of booking your accommodation during your whole stay abroad.

Applying for the Visa is a fundamental stage in the process of traveling to study abroad, and you may face difficulties with the paperwork. Therefore we have highly trained agents who will assist you in every step while preparing your documents. We are fully aware of the requirements and regulations of the different visas for each country.

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