Bachelor Degrees in Australia

Australia offers international students a variety of several Bachelor degrees in all majors to choose from. Australian universities in general are known for their high-quality education, top status/ranking, and flexible modules. The average duration for a Bachelor Degree in Australia is similar to that of the UK- which is 3 years.

There are 2 types for Bachelor Degrees in Australia:

Bachelor Degree: This involves a minimum of three years of full-time study. Also some universities offer also an intensive/fast-track system where students can finish their Bachelor Degree in 2 years only.

Bachelor degree (honors): Students who would like to obtain a Bachelor Degree of Honors in Australia would need to study for an extra year involving research. Bachelor Degree Honors are usually awarded for completing 4 years of study in Australia.

Admission for some international students in Australia may require a successful completion of a Foundation Program first to qualify for studying the rigorous modules and meeting the courses’ requirements.

The entry requirements for an Australian University may vary from one university to the other, but they usually all require the following:

  • Copy of Passport
  • High School Transcript & Certificate
  • Proof of proficiency in written and spoken English

For some universities, students will be required to undertake an English online exam that is run by the university, in addition to an interview.

Academic requirements vary from one major to another and also from one university to the other. For some arts major, the delivery of a portfolio or an art work or some sort of assessment may be required.

Bachelor Degrees Intakes in Australia usually start in January or mid-February and last until November. Universities' Summer courses during bachelor degrees start from December to February, which accounts to minimizing the duration years of your study. The academic year for Bachelor Degrees in Australia is usually divided over two semesters, but for some universities there might be trimester courses offered as well.