Summer Schools in Australia

Summer schools in Australia are about adventures.. Australia in itself is a country full of excitement, natural landscapes and vast places to explore. Australia is by itself a continent, so you can imagine the thrills and the fun in spending the summer over there. Thousands of international high school students travel to Australia in the summer to get the experience of studying there.

The education system in Australia is well-known for its strong reputation. Moreover, Australia is a native English speaking country, so by default students who wish to learn English or enhance their language skills will never find a better place to study at other than Australia. The Australian Government in itself encourages and welcomes international students from all over the world to travel and study in Australia.

Summer schools in Australia combine the joy of exploring different places and enhancing your academic learnings at the same time.


There are a variety of summer schools options in Australia for you to choose from, depending on whether you are seeking a new adventure, or looking forward to improve your English Language Skills, or acquire new learnings in your subject of interest.

The length of summer schools in Australia vary depending on the nature of your course, it can be as short as 2 weeks and up to 3 months of study. The different types of summer schools in Australia are:

Travel for Teens- Australia and New Zealand Service: This program usually ranges from 1-2 weeks and is offered usually from the 25th of June till the 14th of July. The focus area of this program is experiencing outdoor education and experiential learning, as students engage in wildlife activities, volunteering and youth development activities. Participation in this program is open for nationals from different countries. Students are required to fill-in an online application, provide health records and undertake a physical exam in order to be admitted for this program. The program covers costs of accommodation, transportation, 3 meals provided per day, admissions to all sights and monuments, guides, taxes and tips.

Language courses- Australia: Where students are offered English classes at a number of lessons per week that usually ranges from 20-25 hours per week. The duration of these courses vary from a few weeks up to 6 months, depending on the intensity of the course. However, the minimum time required to-be enrolled in an English Language course in Australia is 2 weeks. Some of these courses require students to book for accommodation on their own, especially if the course is offered through a center. However, for students who will be studying a language summer course at an Australian school, the school might provide the accommodation stay for the whole duration at an additional cost or at an extra cost at all, depending on each school's requirements and process.



English & Sports: Australia is a home country for many outdoor recreational activities and sports. Some of the courses offered combine studying English language with a practicing recreational sport,for example: diving, golf, surfing, swimming and tennis. The duration of these courses are usually short and may be for less than one month, depending on each course's mode and type. Usually, the purpose of these courses is to encourage international students to learn English in a fun, exciting way and yet take on sports activities and improve their physical well-being as well.