Boarding Schools in the UK

Besa offers you a number of options of boarding schools to study at in the UK. The experience of the boarding school itself is quite a unique one, as students get to study, travel, live and interact with other students at their age. Moreover, students at boarding schools get to learn and receive coaching from their teachers and the school staff all the time, which further enhances their learning experience. Travelling abroad at a young age and getting to interact with people from different cultures in itself helps shape the student’s personality and makes them become more responsible, open-minded and independent individuals who take responsibility of themselves and their futures who then develop to positively impact their societies.

Boarding schools in the UK usually are:

All-year Boarding School- aged from 14-17 years old: where students get to spend all the academic year at the boarding school. Students get to study and live at the school dorms. The cost of boarding schools usually cover tuition fees, accommodation at the school dorms, meals included and health insurance. The requirements for enrolling at a boarding school depend on your grades, if you are transferring from a local school at your country. You need to usually demonstrate proof of high previous grades, in addition to certificates that show your performance during the previous academic years. Moreover, students can be assessed for English Language proficiency through an assessment test run by the school before admission, in order to measure your competency in studying rigorous modules in English.


Students at boarding school will be required to show progress in both their academic and other extracurricular activities as sports, so be prepared for the new experience!