Postgraduate Programs in the UK

Postgraduate degrees in the UK vary from different degrees: Pre-Masters, Masters, MBA and PhD. The UK offers a variety of postgraduate degrees in many Sciences and Arts majors, which makes it attractive for international students to travel and obtain their postgraduate degree there.

Masters and MBA in the UK last for a duration of one year, unlike other countries like the US, Canada and Germany, which makes it attractive for professionals who want to be studying for a short time and get back to their career. The PhD programs usually vary from 3-5 years depending on the nature of the research, its subject and the research degree to-be awarded.

Postgraduate programs in the UK are tailored for various budgets, subject fields, preferences and requirements. At BESA, we offer you help to choose and apply for your postgraduate in the UK from our extensive list of universities’ partners that cover both High and Medium ranking universities, depending on your preferences and budget.

Studying for a Masters or an MBA program in the UK usually require students to have at least 2 years of career experience plus an obtained Bachelor degree in the relevant major of study, while PhD programs require 5 years of experience in the intended field of research/study plus an obtained Bachelor and Master’s degree in the same field.

The academic requirements for a Masters, MBA, PhD program varies from one university to another, where each university can require a different obtained grade in your bachelor degree. Furthermore, studying for a postgraduate degree in the UK requires you to have an excellent command of Academic English, where you would need a minimum overall score of 6.5 and a required score of 6.5 at each of the following aspects of an IELTS exam: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Universities with more strict academic requirements and those of higher ranking can sometimes require a score of 7. PhD programs and degrees may require an IELTS score of 7 as well.

For fresh graduates who have just obtained their Bachelor degree and wish to undertake a Master’s program in the UK, but don’t have the needed career experience required by a university for a Master’s program can undertake a pre-master’s program.

A Pre-master’s program is usually offered universities to allow students who don’t qualify for direct entry to study for a Master’s degree. Students will be studying both academic and career related modules for a short duration of time that qualifies him for the challenges of studying further for a Master’s degree. A completion of the pre-master’s program with an acceptable grade would then qualify the student to proceed further to the Master’s program. In some cases students might be studying English language courses as part of their pre-masters, if they have not been meeting the English Language requirements for a Master’s program.


Students wish to study for a postgraduate degree in the UK must have the following required documents:


  • University Transcript & Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • 2 Recommendation Letters, where 1 is academic and the other is professional
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume/CV
  • Research Proposal for PhD only


Check with one of our consultants more information about postgraduate degrees offered in the UK.