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BESA Group is the leading study abroad agency

+12 Years of Empowering Students to Study in Over 10 Countries Globally

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We specialize in finding the right school & program for students aged from 7+

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We have a great journey through many years of experience

Establishment of BESA

BESA was Egypt's first educational agency founded in 2012 with a primary objective to offer unparalleled access to top international educational institutions and transformative experiences for students from Egypt and all over the world.

Constructing Pathways for Education and Empowerment

In 2013, we established partnerships with over 5 institutions and initiated student recruitment programs for studying in the United States and Canada. Additionally, we proudly inaugurated our Sudan branch, becoming the first agency to facilitate Sudanese students' journey to study abroad.

Fostering Global Empowerment of Students and Uniting Egypt through Sports

In 2014 we expanded our horizons and began recruiting students to Germany, Hungary, Spain, and Malaysia. To promote education in the UK, we organised and launched Egypt's inaugural football tournament, "The British Trophy."

Netherlands Joins the Roster of Exciting Study Destinations

In 2015 our recruitment efforts extended to the Netherlands, offering students more diverse study options

Alexandria Branch Opens Doors to a Thriving Student Community

In 2016 we opened Alexandria branch aiming to serve a wider student community across Egypt

Over 250 Institutional Partnerships Strengthen our Commitment to Global Education

In 2017 our commitment to global education strengthened as we established partnerships with over 250 institutions worldwide

Eastern Europe Joins Our Student Recruitment Network with Lithuania

In 2018 we commenced student recruitment for Lithuania, expanding our reach to Eastern Europe

Over 300 Esteemed Institutional Partnerships Across Europe, North America, and Asia

In 2019 our network flourished, encompassing over 300 partnerships with esteemed institutions across Europe, North America, and Asia

Pioneering in the MENA region

In 2020 we organised the first-ever virtual education fair, showcasing educational opportunities online in the MENA region

UK Branch Inauguration Celebrates Success of Over 5000 Students in Pursuing Study Abroad

In 2021 we proudly inaugurated our UK branch, and with our dedicated support, more than 5000 students have successfully pursued their dreams of studying abroad.

A Decade of Success

In 2022, we joyously celebrated a decade of transforming lives. For the past 10 years, we have been dedicated to guiding numerous students towards international education, providing them with opportunities to thrive and ensuring their futures abroad are secure