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B2B Services

School Development

BESA is proud to offer B2B business services to newly-opened schools in Egypt, assisting to develop strategies that will improve the school’s educational system and receive the accreditation of the educational authority in Egypt.

We rely on a list of both international and local consultants who assist in the development of crucial strategies for your school business.

Our School Development
Services Include

Tactical marketing
plan implementation

Educational system

School’s services

Visibility study preparation

Internal system & software

Market research,
competitive analysis &
school market positioning

Develop a strategic
business plan

Assistance in IGCSE or
American diploma

Professional Development

with our partnerships with leading online education organizations, BESA is proud to provide
learning solutions to institutions and companies within the private and public sector

especially those who recognize that some employees could benefit from improving their
knowledge of English, soft skills or even vocational skills to maximize their full potential.

MBA Program

Choose From A Variety Of MBA Programs That Suit Your Lifestyle, Budget And Preferences. At BESA We Offer The Option Of Studying For Your MBA While In Egypt.

Classes Can Be Taken Part-time, Full-time Or Online. Get Your Degree Accredited From A British University Without Having To Travel Abroad, So You Can Focus On Your Career Working Part-time While Studying.

Masters Of Education

Interested In Pursuing A Career In Education? The Masters Of Education Will Equip You With The Required Skills, Knowledge And Specialization

Within Specific Fields You’re Interested In. You Can Study For Your Masters Of Education In Egypt Without Having To Travel Abroad And Get Your British Recognised Degree!